1 x Contactless Spray Station 300ml + 2 x 500ml refill bottles.


* Use in any communal areas for staff, clients, guests, family and more.


* Perfect for counter or wall installation.


* 300ml reservoir (1650 sprays).


* 500ml refills available (2750 sprays).


* Simply re-fill your 300ml Spray Station when empty.


* Kills 99.99% of germs for up to 24 hours.


* Keeps skin hydrated.


* Water-based.


* In a spray, not a Gel or Liquid for longer-lasting value.


* Hand out to staff, clients, family and friends.


* Significantly reduce the risk of sickness.


* Stop the germs, create a forcefield.


* Perfect for homes, shops, offices, Schools, Hospitals, restaurants, sporting clubs etc etc.


* Cheap postage, Australia-wide. International delivery is available at checkout.

Contactless Spray Station + Two 500ml Refills