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But then.... within weeks or months, the mould reappears. And in many cases, much worse. People don’t understand they didn’t kill the body of mould, they just used a chemical to temporarily kill & wipe it off the surface... or to make the mould transparent.

Forcefield is used by many professionals as the 'go-to' product for this application to obtain long term 'mould free' results. As one of the Forcefield Nano Technology supplier, our store is proud to sell their 4 in1 Surface Spray in a 500ml Trigger bottle, to remove & control Mould. 

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protect yourself & your family FROM MOULD. 

Forcefield uses state-of-the-art technology, to create a disinfectant product that removes & controls mould. The active ingredients bind to any surface, creating a nano-film with thousands of spikes that penetrate the cell wall of the organism. Testing strips are also available to check how active the product remains on hard surfaces! 

WHAT is mould?

There are 1,000s of species of mould. Some are very beneficial like penicillium.

However... many types of mould cause asthma, recurring colds/flus, bronchitis, pneumonia, headaches, hay fever, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, muscular aches and pains, mood swings, abnormal food cravings, skin irritations and in some cases death. Mould you can see is quite often only a small portion of the mould as it grows a network of fibres that penetrates porous surfaces like timber, gyprock, concrete, carpet and fabrics. You need to address the mould as a whole to make your place safe and protect it from returning. 


Mould can be dormant for years until the conditions are perfect for growth or reproduction. When the temperature, humidity and moisture are just right mould will show rapid growth potentially within hours with the goal of releasing its spores (like seeds) into the air. If you have this happen, act quickly for your health and investment

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dealing with mould?

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Forcefield is easy to use, economical and depending on the application allows you to either kill and remove the mould on surfaces and or create a barrier to stop mould growing back for potentially years. 

Mould loves living in your Air Conditioning. It is the main place where mould will thrive within buildings and homes. 


Studies have also shown that mould grows up to 600 times faster and produces stronger and different bio-toxins when grown in close vicinity to electromagnetic frequencies or EMF. In today’s lifestyle, we are continuingly introducing new EMF producing items into our indoor environments with new emerging technologies and now WIFI accessible within most buildings and homes.