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As a Forcefield Nano Technology supplier, our store is proud to offer a range of their superior products.

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"create a forcefield" to stop the germs

4 in 1 Disinfectant has multiple features.  Testing kits are also available to test how active the product remains on hard surfaces!  Sold in a handy 500ml or 125 ml bottle with Trigger Spray, 4in1 is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaning product.


Forcefield Hand Sanitiser + Protector kills 99.99% of germs. Made as a liquid, not a foam or gel, to provide the best value per application. Available in small flat spray units, which can be custom labelled.

Forcefield Spray Stations, with 500ml hand sanitiser refills, provide unbeatable value & lasting protection for your staff & visitors.

FORCEFIELD IS different?

Did you know?  Forcefield is an Australian and UK laboratory tested state-of-the-art line of Nano technology disinfectants and sanitisers. Once applied to a  surface and allowed to dry, the active ingredients within Forcefield binds to the surface creating a Nano-film with thousands of positively charged spikes which attracts and penetrates the cell wall of the organism (see picture below). This minimises contamination spread, cell mutation and the creation of multi-resistant organisms.

The Planet Solutions Foundation - Forcefield 4 in 1 Hospital Grade Disinfectant is a hard surface disinfectant effective against COVID-19, bacteria, and fungi.

Forcefield Nano Technologies set about to create an alcohol-free, water-based sanitiser & disinfectant range of products. It needed to be economical and provide long term protection without damaging your skin. 

 “4 in 1 Disinfectant”, uses the same technology on hard surfaces. It’s a sensational Hospital Grade disinfectant and cleaning agent which makes surfaces easier to keep clean.


“4 in 1” is also a Fabric protector, Odour Neutraliser, brilliant mould treatment and provides lasting protection on high touch surfaces. When 4 in 1 is fogged (like in Ducted AC systems), it becomes an extremely economical disinfectant treatment that lasts longer, stopping odours and leaves a fresh smell.